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    Players: 2-4

Difficulty: Different Difficulties Available

Genre: Gory Zombie Survival Shooter

Ages: 16+ (if younger must have parent/guardian play with them)

    Session Length: 1 Hour

Price: $25/Player

The Story

Choose any series from our zombie catalog of Propagation Stage 1-3 or Top Squad. The Stage series are high octane survival shooters where you and a friend are locked in an area and have to shoot your way through the night to survive. Warning: You will sweat, you will scream. Have fun :)

Propagation: Top Squad is a VR action shooter in which players take on the role of a group of soldiers who have landed in a city ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. They are responsible for restarting the military ARES devices (kinds of anti-zombie antennas) placed in the city, before the end of the allotted time. Players must make their way among the hordes of zombies to access the antennas, activate them, then defend them until they are fully activated. A whole arsenal of weapons is available all along with their progress. After stages 1, 2, and 3 very high octane, Propagation: Top Squad wants to be more accessible and let off steam.

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